Senior Commercial Litigation Leader

Benjamin M. Martin



Benjamin, aka “Benny,” is a cornerstone of ARI LAW’s civil litigation practice.

Having originally founded “The Law Offices of Benny Martin” in San Francisco in 2008, Benny cut his teeth in California state court, emerging as one of the fiercest litigators in the State.  He has served as lead trial counsel too many times to count, including in jury trials, and he is quite familiar with the courts of appeal, to say the least.  

In his early years, Benny linked up with Ali on a few cases, and they enjoyed working together.  Benny now practices with ARI LAW full time.  Often times, Benny leads pretrial efforts for the Firm, and he works closely with Ali on those cases where the Firm intends on going to trial.

Overall, Benny adds a unique dynamic to the ARI LAW team, and is a key part of the Firm’s success.