Firm Administrator

Nilofar Hashimi

Nilofar Hashimi


Nilo is the Firm Administrator for ARI LAW.

She holds a degree in finance and has worked for various multi-national companies including Google, Apple, Walmart eCommerce, and Intuit.

Nilo provides client support as well as office administrative services to the Firm and its clients. She believes in organization and preparedness, and is there to ensure that the Firm and its clients have their ducks in a row at all times. When ARI LAW goes to trial, Nilo also steps up the support the trial team as well.

With Nilo as the Firm’s Administrator, ARI LAW is able to handle major legal cases, transactions, and matters, all the while keeping organized. Equally gentle but tough, she is an indispensible part of the ARI LAW team, and helps to keep the Firm one step ahead.