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Organize your paperwork beforehand

San Francisco Lawsuit Attorney Reviews
Organization of your docs saves you time and money.

I once had a client who arrived at my office with voluminous docs as part of a large file, that were neatly organized.  I was able to resolve her matter in less time and for less cost because she had performed much of the paperwork organization herself. And no one knew the history of those documents better than her.

Another time, a client showed up at my office with two (2) large bags of documents that were unorganized to say the least, including private and personal information, most of which was not relevant to his need for my service.  Unfortunately, we had to bill him an additional $55.00 per hour (our paralegal rate) for 3.5 hours of time that was spent simply preparing the documents for use in court and redacting his personal and private financial information and data.

Clients should invest some time in preparing their case up front for the attorney. Practice your presentation to your attorney and organize all your paperwork. Investing time up front may reduce your legal expenses throughout the litigation, for example during the discovery phase.

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