Intellectual Property Law

IP Law

Our attorneys represent clients with intellectual property, including entrepreneurs, inventors, small and medium-sized businesses, designers, major corporations, and others, across a variety of industries in California and in federal court.

Understanding Intellectual Property

With extensive experience in federal court, and in state court, litigation of intellectual property matters and serving as inhouse and general counsel to companies in Silicon Valley, ARI LAW assists clients in preparation of issues relating to:

  • Patent Infringement;
  • Trade Secret Protection;
  • Contracts;
  • Business Organizations;
  • Employment Matters;
  • Trademark, trade dress, infringement and counterfeiting;
  • Nondisclosure agreements;
  • Licensing and contract dispute issues;

Our clients come from a variety of organizations and fields with intellectual property concerns, related to computer software, hardware, retail or consumer goods, electrical engineering-related inventions, pharmaceutical composition, bioinformatics, mechanical and medical device inventions, and numerous other subject matters.

We understand the investment our clients have made in their intellectual property and business organization, and additionally, the types of abuses by larger competitors, and international actors. When confronted with IP issues, we work hand in hand with our clients to bring injunctions to halt infringement and pursue compensation for damages.  We have also successfully prevailed in defeating abusive injunction practices and litigation.

Patent Litigation

Good will and a strong reputation are built up around your company’s intellectual property. When competitors take advantage of that good will and attempt to copy or otherwise capitalize on your protected property, your business’s reputation suffers as consumers may be dissuaded from investing or trusting in your product or service.  Moreover, the benefits that you were promised to patent or not patent your invention are lost when there is infringement or baseless patent infringement litigation you are forced to defend.

Complex Technologies Require Intelligent And Creative Legal Protections

At Ari Law, our attorneys understand the ever-changing dynamics of complex technologies and affiliated industries.  Moreover, our attorneys are extremely experienced in the rules of civil procedure in Court and in business organizations where our lawyers carry much experience.   With extensive backgrounds and the resources for technical proficiency in engineering and sciences, we are able to effectively protect our clients’ interests by translating these complex disputes and technologies into language that is easily understood by juries and the courts.

We try to expeditiously resolve patent infringements in both domestic and international jurisdictions while pursuing compensation and injunctions prohibiting further damages. Our team of intellectual property attorneys also understands how to properly investigate potential infringements of trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property. By remaining mindful of our clients’ best interests, we will outline the various avenues for resolving a dispute through litigation or patent-licensing and cross-licensing agreements.

No matter the circumstances surrounding your patent dispute, our team at Ari Law is well-equipped to handle all aspects of the process. From corporate decision making, having to appear in court, discovery, and trial, while working to keep you out of Court, we work closely with our clients, to resolve these types of matters more efficiently and effectively than larger law firms.

Our Experience and Future Is Our Clients’ Advantage

To learn more about our practice and the intellectual property services we provide, you can submit an application through our online contact form. From our office in downtown San Francisco, California, our lawyers represent clients both nationally and internationally, in patent litigation and commercial and intellectual property disputes.

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