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About Ari Law

At Ari Law, we have developed a time-tested, historically successful, and effective approach to legal matters. This starts with our organizing principles, upon which the Firm was established in 2008.

Ari Law was founded on the following principles,

(1) due diligence;

(2) efficiency;

(3) hard work;

(4) professionalism; and

(5) zealous advocacy.

We will never employ a cookie cutter approach to your matter.  At Ari Law, you’ll receive steady, reliable, legal counsel.   Every attorney at Ari Law is dedicated to aggressively pursuing your objectives, reflected in every task that we complete, and in our unrelenting efforts during the matter handling process.

Experienced Attorneys Handling Complex Litigation and Transactions

We are a versatile law firm capable of handling major legal cases, transactions, and matters. We offer a personalized approach to handling complex business and commercial litigation cases.

With a client-centric approach, during which our attorney-client communication are the emphasis, we’ll then identify your objectives and go after them.  However, the Firm has a stringent screening process.  We will not represent just any person that is willing to write a check for our legal services. Rather, our Firm is committed to representing only those clients who have displayed the highest levels of good faith and trustworthiness.

We combine years of professional and legal experience into a sophisticated and creative team environment. We apply trial-tested strategies, with transparency, and accountability, and for every client accepted by the firm we will listen, work hard, and work smart for you.

To learn more about our attorneys, you can review their attorney profiles below, or schedule an interview or appointment to review your legal matter.

Integrity, Dedication And A Focus On Client Success

Our main law office is located downtown San Francisco and our lawyers represent clients throughout California and nationally. We have a smaller office located in Menlo Park, CA.



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