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Try not to get too emotional

While easier said than done, the legal journey of a lawsuit can be emotionally charged on both sides. But such emotions can be draining for both the client and lawyer, and can also cloud a line of logic that often needs to be constructed for effective litigation and mediation to occur.

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Lawsuits can be emotionally draining and frustrating

Lawsuits can become emotional and spirited, but anger and resentment often get in the way of the legal process – which is based on fact, logic and process. Litigation is simply one form of dispute resolution.  One way or another, the legal process will usually resolve and bring finality to your situation.

California Rules of Court require that 85% of unlimited civil cases should be resolved within 18 months after the date of filing.
Parties become involved in litigation that they did not previously expect to become involved with.  Other times it is not such a surprise.

Although obligations can run personal and stakes palpably high, it is important to stay cool.  Keeping a grip on yourself will help your attorney.  Many of the important decisions to be made in a lawsuit will be your decisions, and your attorney will ultimately be relying on you to make them.

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