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Building a Successful Attorney-Client Team

Here are some quick tips from the California Bar Website to build a successful attorney-client team:


  • Make sure you and your lawyer have the same goals.
  • Make sure you understand and are comfortable with the lawyer’s working style. Get a clear picture of the expected timetable in your case — when you can expect significant developments, and when and how often the lawyer intends to contact you.
  • Make sure you provide the lawyer with the information and documents necessary to understand your case.
  • Make sure you understand and agree with the lawyer’s billing practices.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your legal matter, you express them to the lawyer and listen to his or her responses.
  • Make sure you raise questions about your bill in a timely manner. If appropriate, submit your questions to the lawyer in writing.

These simple tips should help you develop a positive, productive working relationship with your lawyer.

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