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NFL Trademarks: Colin Kaepernick Protects His Name

We have previously written about how professional athletes should protect their intellectual property, and it appears that Colin Kaepernick has done just that.  Within weeks after starting as quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Kaepernick has not only taken his team to the Superbowl, but also filed for trademarks for the terms “Kaepernicking,” “Colin Kaepernick,” “Kap7,” and “Kap.”

If you’re curious about the spelling for “Kap” and “Kap7,” that’s how Kaepernick spelled his nickname his whole life.  Furthermore, he appears to have bought,, and some other variations, while attempting to acquire as well.

Like many athletes, the trademarks are for clothing and sports apparel.  In fact, the trademarks may be quite valuable in the long run.  Kaepernick’s jersey was one of the best-selling NFL jerseys recently.  As a second-year quarterback in the NFL, he may have many years ahead of him.  His playoff game against the Green Bay Packers for example, where he rushed for a record 181 yards (breaking Michael Vick’s quarterback rushing record), shows his potential for the game, as well as the potential for the brand name and trademark.

While it is essential for rising athletes to trademark their names and catch-phrases early on, others may have noted that the NFL may be going a little bit overboard with trademarks.  Samsung, along with Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, brilliantly uses the absurdity of it all (especially when it comes to advertising) to highlight the aggressive of nature of the NFL on trademarking:


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